Since August 2016 our company launched the production of cardboard tubes (in other words, the plug, draw slide). The manufacturing workshop is equipped with the modern equipment, which allows turning our the products of the high quality.

The cardboard tubes are traditionally used in textile, printing, food, chemical and metal industries for winding different yarns, ribbons, films, fabrics, paper, cardboard etc.

The production of cardboard tubes is carried out by a method of spiral wound, that provides high rates of durability and geometric accuracy. Tje raw materials used by our company, are specially developed exclusively for the production of cardboard tube.

Depending on the requirements of your production, we offer three classes of spiral wound cardboard tubes that will allow you to make the optimal choice based on the price and quality criteria.

KARAT LTD produces the cardboard tubes according to the following parameters:
•► Inside diameter of a tube — from 28, 38, 50, 73, 100 mm.
•► thickness — from 0,8 to 8 mm.
•► length — from 86 to 5000 mm.

At the wish of the customer, the tube can be produced with special individual characteristics:
•► the inner and outer surface of the tube can be produced in any colour grade.
•► it is possible to apply the information about the customer, his logo etc., onto the inner and outer surface of the tube.

For completion of the customer’s order, we need to receive the following information:
•► inner diameter of the cardboard tube,
•► thickness of the tube wall,
•► length of the tube.

We pack the tubes on pallets with fixing by stretch film and polypropylene tape, which ensures the integrity of the package during the order transportation to the long distances.

We will be happy to cooperate with you!