In order to diversify the risks, in 2013 our company starts tne new project – its own facility of manufacturing the polypropylene BCF yarns. The facility was equipped with the modern equipment, with the use of advanced technologies in the field of PP yarn production. It allows us to produce the tricolour yarn. By the end of 2013 we substituted more than a half of the used yarn volume to the own-produced yarn.

In 2014 we increased the facility productive capacity by installation of another extrusion machine for manufacturing the syntetic yarn and bring into service a new department of yarn heat-setting for the qualities BCF Heat-Set and BCF Frieze (cabled and weavy yarns). Thereby we fully provide ourselves with the textile raw material, and open a new activity market – production of the textile raw materials.

Due to the progressive approach of the enterprise development management and introduction of the new technologies, our company can produce the large volumes of the synthetic fibers. As of today, the production capacity of our enterprise allow us to manufacture more than 7,5 mln. tons of the polypropylene BCF yarn per year with the further reprocessing of ВСF thread to Heat-Set and Frieze types of yarn, providing them with different technical characteristics.

The polypropylene carpet yarns are designed for the carpets and wall-to-wall carpeting. With providing the good quality and low cost price of the products, they have the increased strength, voluminosity and low density, but does not have the allergenic impact to people, in the comparison to the natural yarns. The twisted and cabled heat-set yarns Heat-Set and Frieze are soft by feel, and they look like natural wool by the crimp shape; The yarns provide the increased deformation strength to the products.

Key properties:

  • Low weight density
  • Increased voluminosity and strength
  • Softness, woollikeness
  • Crimp stability
  • Abrasive wear, contamination and deformation resistance
  • No allergenic impact
  • Mildew stain and mustiness resistance.