In 2016, the company launched the production of granulated barberries for polymers and plastics. We produce a wide range of colors for the preparation of viruses from polymer plastics. As of today, harvesting efforts allow us to produce more than 1000 tons of barn per river. The development of new colors and shades is carried out with high precision using an additional computerized color matching system, which ensures the most optimal solution to satisfy the demands of the buyer. Barnberries are prepared with a variety of pigments, which ensure high heat resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UV), allowing for the dispersion of power without affecting the power of the field. dimensional matrices. The selection of colors can be based on the client’s designs or according to the RAL, PANTONE catalogs.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities and machines to provide customers with a technical guarantee and product quality control. Yield is the most important factor that ensures constant control points at all stages of production. Products are tested according to strict specifications, which results in high levels of viscosity. In this way, LLC “Karat” was able to win the trust of clients for the continuation of many years of its work for the benefit of our country.



Synthetic fiber (BCF and CF yarn)

POY and FDY yarn


Injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding

Multilayer film (РЕ and РР)

Bottles (РЕ and РЕТ)

Storage containers (РЕ and РР)


Tubes (РЕ and РР)

Cables and wires