The collection Daffi features the carpets and carpet products in Friese quality. The special type of Frieze twisted yarn that […]

New collection Shaggy De Luxe

We start the production of a new collection of high-pile carpet products using the specifically twisted yarns (Frieze), which create […]

New «heady» collection CHOCO

«KARAT» company started the production of a new collection in Heat-Set quality with the conceptually new color grade. The products […]

New colors in Lotos collection

We added the new gray-ashed color grade to our Lotos collection. Now Lotos collection became even more diverse for the […]

New collection OPAL

Our company starts the production of a new collection in beige and gray-beige colors of BCF quality. The modern designs […]

New collection «Pearl»

The unique classics of oriental carpets and the perfect quality of carpet production were merged into one single unit in […]

«Bristol» collection

Excellent quality of production and elegant designs of the floor coverings in Bristol collection turn them into the best choice […]

“Graffiti” Collection

The designs of “Graffiti” collection are created with fundamentally new color grade and they will be the perfect complement of […]