Growth strategy and mission of the company

Our mission

We care about the development and improvement of the company. KARAT is a modern successful company that recognizes its responsibility in the development of carpet production in the textile industry of Ukraine.

Our strategy

To become a globally renowned manufacturer of the carpet products, we adhere to three fundamental principles of success: the development of production, the introduction of advanced technologies and the improvement of the effective business model.

The effective management

We are proud of the team of our specialists, that ensures a clear organization of production processes and efficient use of company resources. In general, it ensures the perfect fulfillment of the business tasks.

Expansion of the production

Withg expanding the production resources, we do not only increase the production capacity of the company, but also become fully engaged in improving the quality of our products and logistics processes. We use the advanced technologies and equipment in our work, providing the high level of operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Improvement of the business model

In this direction, our company focuses on increasing the profitability and diversification of risks by developing our own production line of textile raw materials. That allows us to minimize raw material dependence and open a new market for the production of synthetic fibers for the company. We invest in the construction of the new as well as the modernization of existing production facilities, storage facilities, improving the technical and logistics bases and processes.

Our values

Our company is a team of like-minded professionals. We respect and support each other, value the contribution of everyone and listen to the opinions of others. Close team cooperation in the atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and honesty creates the future of our company.