• Transport Services of "KARAT"LTD

    Company "KARAT" is not only a leader in manufacturing and supplying of carpets and carpet flooring in Ukraine, but also because of our transport and logistic department - providing both transportation of own goods and goods of the customer. For more than 10 years, transport and logistics department of our company is a matter of successful experience in the transport market both in Ukraine and the CIS countries and Europe. Trucking transportation of company "KARAT" - is the most effective and reliable way to transport goods from Europe-Ukraine-CIS. Using broad autopark and modern technology in logistic sphere what allows us to carry out the optimum delivery of your goods in the shortest terms.

    Транспорт ТОВ КАРАТ

    For more than 10 years we have formed a highly qualified team, we have perfectly mastered all the subtleties and nuances of international transport and transport within the Ukrainian market, and also "KARAT" recommended itself as a reliable and successful partner. Our specialists will process your application and offer you the best conditions for cooperation in the shortest terms. Our company is always ready to offer its customers:

    • optimally fast delivery (in Europe up to 3 days);
    • guarantee the safety of the cargo;
    • freight forwarding;
    • efficient logistics;
    • simplified customs clearance;
    • optimization of the import/export;
    • minimal costs;
    • the maximum profit.
    We carry out road freight transport using an autopark of over 30 vehicles with capacity from 2 to 22 ton, with volume from 18 to 96 cubic meters. Freight transportation of "KARAT" embody advanced technology of transport logistics,also we make effective decisions as well as we show reliability in collaboration. Company "KARAT" –is a clear successful company that constantly develops and is open to a productive and long-term mutually beneficial partnership. The effectiveness of cooperation with our company is time-tested and confirmed by a huge number of clients of the company "KARAT". Use efficient transport logistics.Furthermore, reduce costs and increase your income. Achieve success with us.